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Welcome to the AFS Formserver


AFORMSOLUTION (AFS) is designed for the rapid implementation of electronic forms for online procedures and processes. The creation of forms with AFS is very easy, even complex forms can be implemented quickly by users without programming knowledge. The efficiency of AFS is based on the use of reusable form components and the possibility of collaborative work by everyone involved in the creation process.

AFS product description

Here you can find the product description.

AFS documentation

If you are already a customer but do not yet have access to our documentation, please send a short e-mail to
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aforms2web - e-government experts since 2007

aforms2web is the experienced full-service provider for electronic services without media discontinuity. We design, implement and operate barrier-free solutions from the customer-friendly portal system through a standardized form system to flexible business case processing.

As the manufacturer of AFORMSOLUTION (AFS), the leading form server in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we are an established partner for public administration in German-speaking countries.

Form management is the starting point for our services. Further focal points of our work are

  • the implementation of processes for data acquisition,
  • the implementation of portals and framework applications,
  • the creation and maintenance of forms and documents,
  • the system integration as well as
  • the in-house or cloud service operation of our solutions.
We realize in combination with standard products like AFORMSOLUTION, Liferay, Gentics and Acta Nova form-driven workflows without media discontinuity.

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